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December 22, 2019 at 5:00 AM
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OTMC Window Cleaning is a professional exterior cleaning company. Their premises are located on the beautiful banks of Woods Pond in Middleborough, Massachusetts. OMTC's specialist cleaners service residential and commercial customers across the Boston, South Shore, and Cape Cod regions. Using specialist products and insider techniques, OMTC offers many exterior cleaning services. These services include:

Window Cleaning

OMTC Window Cleaning began with a window cleaning service several years ago. And through hard work they've grown their exterior cleaning business from this humble beginning. Their crew can cater for any and all interior and exterior cleaning jobs. From residential as well as shop front windows, and multi-storey residential or commercial buildings.

Roof Cleaning

The OMTC team of qualified and fully insured professionals can provide the maintenance needed to protect the structural integrity of your roof. Using low-pressure cleaning and more detailed handiwork they will ensure your roof remains clear of moss and algae. Maintaining a clean roof will keep your home safer for every season.

Gutter Cleaning

Rather than you risking life and limb climbing up a ladder to clean your gutters, OMTC will do it for you. They use a specialised cleaning system to safely remove the leaves, dirt and sludge that can seriously impair the proper functioning of your gutters. And it is the hard to remove sludge that will cause problems with your guttering. From blocked and overflowing gutters, to attracting vermin, and eventually the replacement of rusted guttering. It pays to have your gutters cleaned regularly so they can keep on doing the job they were made for. 

Exterior House Washing

Using safe, biodegradable products, and low or high pressure washing as needs be, OMTC will clean your home’s exterior walls. Their expert staff are trained to take the utmost care to ensure all surfaces remain undamaged. No matter how much dirt and grime needs to be removed. And they fully understand that regular cleaning not only doubles the life of your paintwork but also adds value to your home. OMTC will value your custom year in and year out.

Power Washing

For all your other power washing needs, OMTC high pressure washing can remove dirt and grime from any surface. This includes brick, concrete or weatherboard walls, fences, masonry, driveways, paths, patios or play grounds. Whether it’s peeling paint, mold or algae, chewing gum or stubborn stains. Professional power washing can renew your property.

Snow Removal + Salting

As winter closes in we all need to prepare for the inevitable snow and ice it brings. And no matter how harsh the conditions might be outside, OMTC will ensure your right of way is never blocked by snow or ice. They can clear any sized property, from sidewalks to residential driveways and commercial parking lots. 

So if you are in need of a prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable exterior cleaning service around Boston, South Shore or Cape Cod, then call OTMC Window Cleaning on +1 508-272-6869. You can also visit the OMTC website for a detailed quote, or check out their Facebook page to see what their loyal clientele think about them.

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